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Music Talented Classes Introduction

Taipei Municipal Dun Hua Elementary School Music Class was established in 1983. Until today, it successfully nurtures students in division of 4 classes from grade 3 to grade 6. Due to the harmonious combination of teachers’ contributions, parents supports and students hard-work, our music class finally builds solid foundation and begins to have noticeable performances in domestic musical competitions. Besides, we are honored to become representative school to accommodate special guests from other countries.

The outstanding character of our school music class is the spirits of making this music class the greatest and most supportive stage for our gifted and ambitious children to polish their talents and to shine brighter under support, guidance and motivation of teachers and parents.

Music is powerful and boundless. We hope by inspiring our students with melodies, we will be able to uplift Taipei Municipal Dun Hua Elementary School Music Class to a place that intrigues senses of love, purity and kindness. And through the beautiful vocals of our little angels, we are looking forward to spread love to every single corner and share the pleasure of touching moments when appreciating music. We love to sing the sound of music and hope this will help us to get our message across in contribution of molding a loving and caring society.
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