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At the critical moment of educational transformation, how to pass down the great tradition of Dun Hua Elementary School and to transform it into a pride of the new century is an issue of our joint efforts.

For the issue of improving the current status, Dun Hua Elementary School needs to head forward for a more refined teaching quality; we believe that only if we take “to respect each individual and to care for each student” as our personal responsibility that we can foster polite, well-behaved, neat, kind creative and initiative modern children.

For the issue of preserving and consolidating our tradition, we hope to preserve our existing characteristic advantages and provide for rich teaching environment while further transforming our past disadvantages; to help each independent individual to develop one’s potentials as well as to foster one’s special talents in a bid to shape out multi-talented bright stars, thus children’s excellent childhood experiences will become the resourceful treasure of his or her life.

Therefore, the future prospect of our school has been unanimously reached through joint discussions, exchanged opinions, and compiled statistics. We are suggesting “refined education, happy childhood” as an achievable vision based on our efforts and collaboration.

As to how to achieve our vision, specifically speaking, it takes not only externally controlled forces to help the school to minimize its scale but also to search out a self-reliant and independent way based on the school’s self-awareness and self -reflection. Thus, the school will be able to stride proudly ahead even within an imperfect environment. The implementation of the specific measures needs the full efforts and collaboration among the school administrators, teachers, and parents as well as the full coordination between organizations, resources, environment, teachers, concepts and other aspects.

In a word, “refined education and happy childhood” are the focus of the school vision. They were designed based on the idea of student-centered education. Meanwhile, the vision of the future is transformed to feasible curriculum which can be integrated and put into practice in teaching activities. Students are able to learn happily, grow up healthily and become distinguished students under the holistic education which fosters innocent nature, happy learning, wisdom growth, and an exclusive touch of Dun Hua affection. The vision of school works out step by step in a related and sequential manner.
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